Core Beliefs

Our commitment to excellence is
supported by a set of guiding principles:

• Protect First, Then Grow.
• Agility Drives Success.
• Invest in Our Clients.

Our Approach

Our first strategy is Preservation. Then, it’s about Investing for the long term — being conservative when you should be and aggressive when you can be. Our investment strategy is conservative and sensible, geared to building wealth over the long term.


Our commitment to education ensures that we constantly evaluate new ideas, technologies, tools and best practices from the investment, financial planning and wealth management segments of our industry.


Your Money Story

Are you looking for fresh ideas or new investment solutions? Are you not seeing the investment returns that you had hoped for or do you feel that others are doing better? Have your personal circumstances changed and thus need to adjust your investment plan as well? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time to align yourself with a trusted partner to help you reassess your goals.

We have designed a workbook to foster the collaborative process that ultimately drives Catamount’s mission to educate and empower our clients. In the workbook, we explore the financial questions you’re facing, and then, together, we’ll develop a financial plan that best suits you.

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