Conversations with Women

Catamount Management Conversations With Women SeriesEducation is a key component in all of our relationships at Catamount Wealth Management. Our goal is to not only keep our clients informed, but to also provide education to the community so that all investors can make more informed decisions regarding their financial futures. We will continue to offer ongoing educational seminars as we have in the past but have incorporated a special focus that we started in 2012. We are excited to launch our Women’s Initiative: Conversations With Women; with a goal to have financial conversations with as many women as possible.

The premise of addressing female investors in particular is not a new one, but our approach will be. Through thoughtful and strategic alliances with other professionals in the community, we have created a network that will provide safe, non-threatening resources for women and will allow them to begin taking action in their finances. We have and will continue to host seminars and workshops, as well as one-on-one sessions, that will allow women to put their financial anxieties to rest and get a better night’s sleep.


Please join us as we host seminars and workshops where women can discuss and learn the importance of taking an active role in their finances.

Strategy Sessions

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