Our Investment Philosophy

At Catamount Wealth Management, we take our role as a fiduciary very seriously.  We continuously assess our investments in terms of quality, risk and market conditions. We monitor our positions and evaluate them against our stringent screening criteria. We stay agile, adjusting as necessary in order to optimize profitability. Tactics that support our strategy for long-term wealth management include:


We pay close attention to the myriad of influences on the financial markets. Factors include the political landscape, monetary and fiscal policy, economic data and forecasts, foreign markets and exchange rates, inflation trends, interest rates, investor sentiment, etc.


Research is key to our investment philosophy. There are thousands of publicly traded companies across hundreds of industry groups. We identify and select top performing companies based on:

Key fundamental analytics including:

• Financial strength, cash flow, earnings acceleration

• Management quality, dedication and experience

• Top quality, innovative products, strong pipeline

• Market share, competition

Key technical analytics including:

• Top sectors

• Trading range and volume

• Liquidity


We manage portfolios pro-actively. We consistently adjust and upgrade clients’ portfolios to combat the ever-changing investment environment by identifying the newest leaders, sectors and industries. Such management aims toward maximizing gains and mitigating losses.


When choosing equities, we select companies that are market leaders based on their competitive advantage and their proven ability to innovate. These companies tend to enjoy commanding market share, giving them pricing leverage which is a key component for reliable profitability.