Our Services


We provide high net worth individuals and small businesses with investment solutions that create, build, and preserve wealth in a transparent environment.  We are a fee-only investment firm. We work to the fiduciary standard at all times. Our success is contingent upon the wealth we build for our clients.

At our core, we are wealth managers. Our goal is to generate cash flow and maximize overall return through tax advantageous instruments while combining growth opportunities to achieve overall total return. We strive to construct a well- chosen portfolio of investments that will provide you with a solid level of diversification, liquidity, and a reduced level of risk.

We work with our clients to evaluate their current circumstances, goals, risk tolerance and future aspirations to find the most appropriate wealth management approach. Our main goal is for our clients to get clarity and control over their financial life.  We believe one’s financial planning solution should be unique, individual and based entirely around a client’s goals. We spend a great deal of time upfront talking about exactly what our clients want to accomplish and how to make their money work for them—in other words, we want to learn each client’s “Money Story.”

We are active managers. We have our eyes on our client’s investments and monitor the progress daily to make sure their goals are achieved. We have periodic meetings to discuss performance and assess if we must make any changes to investment portfolio or spending plans.   A good financial plan isn’t written in stone.  Life changes—there might be a transition like a marriage, divorce, loss of a spouse, or an upturn or downturn in one’s financial situation, therefore your financial plan needs to be flexible and responsive to your current situation.

We specialize in:

  •            Investment Management
  •            Managing Risk
  •            Cash Flow Planning
  •            Financial Planning –Roadmaps
  •            Divorce Financial Planning


We are as attentive to our clients’ satisfaction as we are with their portfolios. Our office employs a team approach when working with our clients.  It is our responsibility to address and even anticipate the needs of our clients. Be it in the areas of tax and estate planning, we are committed to adding value by connecting our clients with trusted area professionals who can collaborate with us to create the best, most comprehensive financial plan.  We work closely with estate planning, tax, insurance, divorce and real estate professionals.


Traci Provost is our in-house Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.  She has specialized skills and experience that enables her to analyze and evaluate the long-term financial impact of divorce settlements.  A CDFA®, addresses the special financial issues of divorce with supporting data to assist in helping to achieve equitable settlements that will hopefully be agreeable to the parties involved. Through the financial analysis process, a CDFA® can assist clients to think logically through the real cost of divorce, the future impact of the settlement and develop a realistic picture of their current and future financial situation as they transition into a new lifestyle.

A CDFA® professional provides:

  •           Personal financial analysis for the client
  •           Powerful case exhibits in graphs and spreadsheets
  •           A breakdown of the short and long-term impacts of the settlement
  •           Professional support to client’s professional team members on financial matters

In the analysis and breakdown of marital finances, a CDFA® assists their client’s understanding of:

  •          Personal vs marital property
  •          Spousal and child support
  •          Splitting house options
  •          Tax consequences and solutions
  •          Value of and division of property
  •          Retirement and pension evaluations: present and future values

The advice of a CDFA® provides peace of mind of the financial feasibility of the settlement, an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation and an expert on your divorce team focused on your unique financial situation.


We invest in our clients by enthusiastically sharing our expertise. It is our conviction that a truly collaborative relationship begins with mutual understanding. We keep an open line of communication with our clients, so they remain informed and comfortable. We encourage collaboration, as we believe it inevitably leads to greater success. We host numerous educational seminars for our clients throughout the year to keep them updated, informed and intellectually challenged. Visit our Events page or check out our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more details and to register for upcoming events.