Our Approach

Protect First, Then Grow

Our investment strategy is conservative and sensible, geared to building wealth over the long term. We look to grow our clients’ assets over time by compounding returns, not over days or months, but over a complete market cycle.

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Agility Drives Success

At Catamount Wealth Management we continuously assess our investments in terms of current market conditions and opportunities. We monitor our positions and evaluate them against our stringent screening criteria. We stay agile, adjusting as necessary in order to optimize profitability.

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Commitment to Our Clients

As an independent, registered investment advisory firm, Catamount Wealth Management has a fiduciary responsibility to act only in the best interest of our clients. For some, that statement says it all. It is our position that this is the necessary and appropriate cost of entry into this business. Our team exceeds this industry standard.

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