Commitment To Our Clients

As an independent, registered investment advisory firm, Catamount Wealth Management has a fiduciary responsibility to act only in the best interest of our clients. For some, that statement says it all. It is our position that this is the necessary and appropriate cost of entry into this business. Our team exceeds this industry standard through the following actions:

Our Clients Come First

Catamount Wealth Management is a fee-only firm. In short, our success is contingent upon the wealth we build for our clients. Our clients have direct access to all of our team members. We are as attentive to our clients’ satisfaction as we are with their portfolios. Catamount was built upon client referrals, a fact that speaks for itself.

Educate Our Clients

We invest in our clients by enthusiastically sharing our expertise. It is our conviction that a truly collaborative relationship with our clients begins with mutual understanding. We explain all our investment decisions and associated rationale for those decisions so that our clients know exactly what we are doing and why. We encourage collaboration, as we believe it inevitably leads to greater success.

Continuous Improvement

Our team is committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement. We strive to build our knowledge and expertise, not only through access to independent research, but also by participating in industry seminars and forums. Part of our responsibility to our clients includes staying current on technological and strategic advances that serve to enhance our market acumen.

Comprehensive Approach

We provide each of our clients with the highest level of personalized service. It is our responsibility to address and even anticipate the needs of our clients. Be it in the areas of tax and estate planning or budgeting for a vacation home, we are committed to adding value. We augment this level of personalized service by assuring that our clients are well informed, educated investors.

Maintaining Custodial Accounts

We manage our clients’ assets through custodial accounts. This provides our clients with immediate access and complete control over their assets at all times. We partner with Fidelity Investments but are equally comfortable working with alternative financial institutions designated by our clients.